> Welcome to the School Mental Health Lab @ USU

Hello. We are a mental health research and practice lab in the Psychology Department at Utah State University.

Our mission. We aim to improve the accessibility and quality of school-based mental health services for the benefit of youth, families, educators, and communities. We do this by conducting research, providing clinical services, and developing resources that support evidence-based mental health services in schools. We hope our work helps more people get access to more evidence-based mental health services at lower costs.
Our lab is directed by Dr. Tyler Renshaw and powered by a group of grad students and a few undergrad RAs. You can learn more about us on our People page. And you can learn more about our work by exploring our Research, Practice, and Resources pages.
Want to join us? Are you interested in joining our lab as a PhD student or undergrad RA? If so, check out our "Prospective Students" page for helpful info and related resources.
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